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PermaStone™ Casting Compound 28 oz (794 g)

ACTÍVA® PermaStone™ Casting Compound is a durable casting compound that acts like plaster but dries like stone! PermaStone is infinitely stronger than typical plaster and it reproduces the finest detail. Dried pieces can be painted with acrylics, watercolors, oils, tempera, or any other finish.

Even if it happens to break, the fracture is clean and easily glued/fixed. It can be painted as it dries white with acrylics, oils, watercolors, tempera or any other finish!

ACTÍVA® PermaStone™ Casting Compound mixes easily with water, is microwavable, non-toxic, and water resistant.

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PermaStone™ Casting Compound 28 oz (794 g) 350 ACTÍVA® PermaStone™ Casting Compound
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Size: 28 oz (794 g)


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