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Lumina Air Dry Polymer Clay, Translucent, 5.25 oz (150 g)


Lumina clay is a non-toxic polymer resin clay that air cures in 24 hours (depending on size and thickness). Once dry it becomes extremely durable, translucent and incredibly flexible. 
Lumina polymer clay is great for creating flowers, jewelry, figurines, and ornaments because of its high flexibility. It is acid-free, which makes it ideal for rubber stamping.  Because Lumina clay is translucent when air dried, it is perfect for painting, covering candle holders, painting on canvas, etc.
Acrylic paints or oil based paints can be mixed into Lumina as colorants when wet.  It also accepts multiple non-water based finishes when dry.
If you wish to use Lumina clay with a push mold, use one made from silicone or plaster for the best results.  Oven baking is not recommended. 
This is a 5.25 oz. package.

For project ideas, please visit our Air Dry Clay Project Gallery


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