10.58 oz. of White Premier Clay




ACTÍVA's Premier Clay is an air dry clay that allows for very fine detail, is lightweight to use, and dries to an exceptional strength. Colors can be added and kneaded with this clay to make any color you wish.


Premier Clay is perfect for those wishing to make miniature charms and figures as well as ball joint dolls.  It is also excellent for molding and rubber stamping.

Premier Clay can be worked indefinitely when kept moist.  It adheres to any core material (Wire Mesh, Rigid Wrap, paper, glass, plastic, wood and styrofoam), and will not stick to your hands or crumble!  Premier Clay accepts multiple finishes and air dries with minimal shrinkage.  It is able to be carved, drilled, or sanded when dry.

Premier Clay is ACMI certified non-toxic.  Oven baking is not recommended.


For Project Ideas, Please Visit Our Air Dry Clay Projects Gallery.



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