Rainbow Ornaments with ACTÍVA Scenic Sand by Anima Prabhakaran of guidecentr.al

colored sand ornaments

ACTÍVA Products Scenic Sand in rainbow colors
Plain plastic/glass ornaments

colors of sand

OK, This must be the simplest ornament I ever made by myself. And trust me

it is unbelievably simple but a lot of fun to do especially if you have kids.

And the DIY makes such a pretty mess. I used ACTÍVA Products Scenic Sand,

which is great to work with.

First step is to remove the caps from the ornaments.

container for the colored sand

Now cut the corner of the sand bag and pour the sand in the ornament.

If you have a funnel it is easier to pour the sand out. I just cut the corner

of the pocket really small.

purple colored sand

Now put the cap back on the ornament and give it a nice swirl so that sand

spreads around the ornament. The scenic sand has a subtle shine - so

this way tiny particles would sparkle with the tree lights on.

purple sand

To add a little punch , cut some leaves and put them inside the ornament -

You can add any little figurines or rocks to decorate.

decoration in ornament with the purple colored sand

Add the cap back on. The sand is not heavy, but as a precaution I did glue

the cap with E6000 glue just in case it comes off.

colored sand ornaments with red, blue, purple and pink sand

Pretty, right!?

selection of colored sand ornaments with decorations

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