Stampin’ in Style - How to Make Stamps with Air Dry Clay!

Make an impressive one of a kind clay stamp by using PLUS Clay air dry clay!

Materials need:

PLUS Clay air dry clay
Pencil or a wooden skewer
Cheese cutter
Buttons, stamps or anything with a good texture
Clear acrylic spray to seal
Cooking Spray 


 1) Pull or cut a piece of PLUS Clay off of block about the size of a walnut. Without over-working the clay, shape the clay into a ball by rolling in between hands. 

Air dry clay 

2) Begin forming the handle of the stamp by grasping ball in the middle and pulling and rolling a handle or doorknob shape.

air drying clay

3) Tap the ball end of the stamp lightly on a flat surface to make the stamp work space. Take a pencil and make a design in the clay that is deep enough to leave a good impression. At this point, do not moisten either piece as this will make it very hard to remove the pressed in object. 

air dry clay stamp

air dry clay project

4) Optional: use a cheese cutter to cut around the stamp to make a more interesting design.

  self hardening clay

5) Allow to dry thoroughly. The PLUS Clay air dry clay will become lighter in color and will not be cool to the touch. This may take a day or two. Spray the stamp with clear acrylic spray to make it water resistant. Let it dry and then spray lightly with a cooking spray for easy release.

6) Enjoy your new stamp! It can be used on all other air dry clay to make a unique impression!

This is awesome! Learn how to make your own stamps or stampers with air dry clay.  The possibilities are endless!

Created by Karen Lowrey (March 2015); photographs by Suzanne Bardwell


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