Dry Your Keepsake Flowers Using ACTÍVA’s Flower Art Silica Gel

dry wedding flowers

Do you have a special arrangement or bouquet that you would like to

preserve for many years to come?  By using ACTÍVA’s Flower Drying Art

silica gel, you can relive this memorable occasion by drying your flowers.

What a wonderful way to save your precious memories!  So simple to use!  

flower drying silica gel project

Materials needed:

ACTÍVA's Flower Art Silica Gel – I used to two 5 lb boxes to speed up the process

Microwavable plastic containers with tight fitting lids (do not use these for food)

Fresh flowers


Small scoop

Decorative wide mouthed crystal container or shadowbox

Cotton balls or ACTÍVA Products colored sand


Microwavable cup with water

how do i dry flowers

 Cut the flower stems to about 1 ½” long.  Original stems may be dried and

re-attached with floral wire and tape after drying.  To use the original stems,

it would be best to cut a 4” wire and poke it into the stem of the flower and

then loop it back up to wire the stem on later.  Pour the silica gel into the

container to a depth of 1 ½” deep. The flower should be able to stand face

up in the silica.

roses flower drying how to

Make sure the flowers do not touch each other.

how to use silica gel to dry out flowers

Build the silica up around the base of the flower by gently sprinkling silica gel

around it and then sift it on the top and sides of the flower.  Tap the container

to make sure silica sinks into all the petals of the flower.

way to dry flowers

Completely cover the flowers with the silica gel.  There are two ways to preserve

your flowers.  One method is to put the lid on the plastic container and let it set

2 – 7 days in a dry place depending on the type and thickness of flower.  Read

the enclosed instructions to see the timetable for each type of flower.  The method

I used is the microwave method. 

how to dry flowers in a microwave

 Place the uncovered container in the microwave with a cup full of water

in a microwavable cup. I heated mine on medium power in one-minute

increments according to the drying sheet enclosed in your box of silica gel. 

I microwaved my flowers 3 1/2 minutes checking often for dryness.  The silica

gel will be very hot, so allow this to cool to room temperature.  This may take

several hours.

how to dry flowers for a vase or frame

I arranged my dried flowers in a crystal wide mouth container.  You could

either pour colored sand in the bottom of the container for height or use

cotton balls to elevate the flowers. I sprayed my arrangement with hairspray

to preserve them even further.

preserving flowers to keep

To reactivate the silica gel, place in a shallow pan in an oven heated to 250

degrees Fahrenheit for no less than 5 hours.  The pink and white crystals will

return to a blue hint when it is ready to be used again.  What a fun way to

preserve your memories!!


Artwork and Photography by Karen Lowrey

Download in PDF

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