Product Instructions

Learn the best techniques to achieve amazing results with ACTÍVA's products.  Our Tips & Techniques Sheets were written by professional crafters and artists to help you better understand our products and how they should be handled. Just download a sheet below and start learning!

  1. Activ-Clay Tips and Technique
  2. Activ-Low Fire Clay Instructions
  3. Armature Technique
  4. Blackjack Clay Instructions
  5. CelluClay Technique
  6. CelluClay Instructions
  7. InstaMold Instructions
  8. Li-Qua-Che Instructions
  9. Li-Qua-Che Technique
  10. Rigid Wrap Technique
  11. Sand Surface Technique
  12. Texture Technique
  13. Fast Mache Technique
  14. FastMache Instructions
  15. Plus and Color Plus Technique
  16. Flower Drying Art Instructions & Drying Timetable
  17. PermaStone Instructions
  18. Quick-Casting Kit Instructions
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