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Rigid Wrap Premium Plaster Cloth Wrap

Rigid Wrap is a premium quality plaster gauze that is fast air drying and even textured to allow for the finest detail and the smoothest work. Rigid Wrap is great for art and craft projects such as masks, jewelry, sculpture, home décor projects, and props. It is also an excellent medium to make a volcano for school science fairs.

Each roll of Rigid Wrap is individually wrapped for longer life and cleaner storage. Use it to create sturdy armatures underneath paper mache products, or use it on its own as a unique finish. It is non-toxic and accepts all finishes, and can create quick art projects in under 30 minutes!

For More Helpful Information, Please Visit These Links:

FREE eBook of Kids Sculpture Projects {includes many Rigid Wrap project ideas!}

Sculpture Projects Page

Rigid Wrap Tips & Techniques Sheet

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