28 oz. Bag of Décor Sand - Decorative Colored Sand - 20 Colors


Décor Sand Colored Sand

ACTÍVA Décor Sand is available in 20 spectacular colors so it is easy to find the right color of decorative colored sand for your needs.


  • Ready for use immediately
  • Reusable
  • Safe for fresh flowers
  • Waterproof color

Décor Sand is the perfect candle sand, floral art sand, and wedding sand. Our Décor Sand can also be used to create colorful sand paintings or mosaics, and sand projects for home decor and gifting. Add that extra decorative dimension to paper mache, jewelry, baskets, wood cut-outs, boxes, and plaques. A full range of beautiful colors gives you limitless design possibilities. It's fascinating, fun, and easy to use.

Also, try ACTÍVA Décor Sand for your wedding unity sand ceremony.  Blend these sparkling earth tones to create a long lasting keepsake to celebrate your monumental day.

For colored sand project ideas, please visit our Sand Art Project Gallery!


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