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Flower Drying Art® Silica Gel 

ACTÍVA's Flower Drying Art silica gel preserves flowers and keeps the natural beauty that fresh flowers have. 

Flower Drying Art is microwavable and reusable.  It is a granular compound, like flower drying crystals, that offers the best method of preserving flowers as it actually absorbs the moisture of the flower with little damage to the flower's color and form. There is no limit to the bouquets you can preserve, and it is non-toxic!

Without use of the microwave, most flowers will dry in 36 to 48 hours. When drying flowers in the microwave, most flowers will dry in minutes!  The flowers that dry best in Flower Drying Art silica gel are: rose, aster, carnation, marigold, dahlia, larkspur, geranium, zinnia, chrysanthemum and delphinium.  

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Bulk Quantities Available 50 lb  & 300 lb Call For Details.

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