Get 15% off with coupon code SPRING15 during our Spring Sale!
Get 15% off with coupon code SPRING15 during our Spring Sale!
SKU: 6203

Extra White Air Dry Clay

Sio-2 PLUS® is the natural self-hardening clay. No firing is necessary. After drying, it achieves high hardness, strength and solidity.

It is a suitable material for development of creative skills and plastic expression. Recommended in handicrafts and professional creative arts, and also suitable for children.

It has very good modelling plasticity. Its natural clay components give an excellent plasticity to the modelled item and the presence of natural fibres of cellulose allows a secure drying, free of cracks and fissures, even for the large pieces.

Why Customers Love It:
• Strong self-hardening clay for all skill levels
• Does not contain food allergens
• Non-staining

Ideal For:
• Fine artists, sculptors, and mixed media artists
• Educators and art teachers
• Hobbyists and crafter

• Color: Extra White
• 2.2 lb (1 kg); Sold individually
• Certified non-toxic by ACMI
• Compliant with CPSIA Standards

For More Helpful Information, Please Visit These Links:

  • PLUS Clay Tips & Techniques Sheet
  • Air Dry Clay Project Gallery
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