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La Doll Premix Lightweight Stone Clay, 400 g

La Doll Premix Lightweight Stone Clay is a polymer air drying clay with a combination of Premier and La Doll clays mixed to the best consistency. With La Doll's pliability and Premier's ultra-lightweight body, it is easily carved and polished smooth.  It won’t crumble and it is good for work that requires fine detail.

La Doll Premix Lightweight Stone Clay accepts all paints and varnishes.  It is a wonderful clay for constructing prototypes, or for creating ball jointed dolls, figure dolls, miniature house, and diorama.

World renowned as the doll making clay sculpting material of choice

La Doll Premix Lightweight Stone Clay is a perfect doll making clay, requires no kneading and can be worked indefinitely by keeping the clay moist.


Finishing / Drying

La Doll Premix Lightweight Stone Clay air dries to a white color with minimal shrinkage and accepts acrylic, oil, and water based or dry finishing powders. It can be drilled, carved and sanded to a porcelain like finish. 


For clay sculpting with an armature, La Doll Premix Lightweight Stone Clay adheres to many materials:

  • ACTÍVA Activ-Wire Mesh Sheets
  • ACTÍVA Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Styrofoam


Oven baking is not recommended.

For project ideas, please visit our Air Dry Clay Project Gallery!


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