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Colored Air Dry Clay

COLORPLUS is a natural air dry clay.  No kiln firing is required. Once dry, the colored clay achieves the strength, hardness, and solidity of ceramics that have been fired.

Children or hobbyists who prefer not to paint their artwork love this clay. This clay is non-toxic, and odorless. Kneading this clay is advisable to attain a more pliable and workable clay.

It is easy to create numerous colors by mixing Color Plus Clay.

While COLORPLUS is not as “real” to a true potter’s clay as is PLUS air dry clay, it still has good plasticity for sculpting, slab rolling, pinching, coiling, extruding, molding, stamping and can be thrown on a potter's wheel with a little effort.

This colored air dry clay is perfect for teachers, students, hobbyists and all types of artists who wish to create beautiful pieces without a kiln.

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