Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece with Scenic Sand

Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece with Scenic Sand

Rustic farmhouse decor is the hottest trend in interiors, crafts, and weddings today!  Make the look your own with this simple Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece idea.  Make this project with Scenic Sand and use this beautiful centerpiece on your dining room table or at your wedding reception.

Learn how to make a rustic farmhouse centerpiece that uses colored sand with this easy tutorial!  This centerpiece is perfect for any wedding or holiday table!

Supplies Needed for This Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece
  • Scenic Sand in Light Brown and White (5 lb bags)
  • Glass vases in various sizes
  • Wood slice slab
  • Pillar candles
  • Ribbon in various patterns and styles
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Chalkboard label stickers
  • White paint pen
  • Pencil

How to Make This Rustic Farmhouse Centerpiece

Step One:

Layer the White Scenic Sand and Light Brown Scenic Sand inside the vases.  

Layer White Scenic Sand and Light Brown Scenic Sand inside vases.

Step Two:

Use the pencil to push the sand down around the outside of the vase.  This will create beautiful patterns in the sand.  

Use a pencil to push the sand down around the edge of the vase in order to create patterns.

Step Three:

Repeat this around the entire outside of the vase.  

Push the pencil around the outer edge of the vase to create patterns in the sand.

Step Four:

Hot glue ribbon around each of the pillar candles.  Press a chalkboard label to the front of each ribbon and write the text of your choice on the label.  We wrote numbers on ours, but you could write people's names, table names (if using at a wedding reception), or anything else!  

Layer colored sand in vases to create this rustic farmhouse centerpiece!

Embellish your centerpiece with additional candles or items of your choice!  

Create a beautiful rustic farmhouse style centerpiece for your wedding reception or holiday table!  This tutorial will tell you how to do it.

Make a rustic farmhouse centerpiece for your table or wedding reception.  Colored sand makes this project unique and easy to make!

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