Fancy Faces

Fancy Faces


Materials Needed:

  • ACTÍVA® ArtPlaster™ Professional Casting Plaster
  • Plastic Easter egg mold
  • Vegetable oil cooking spray
  • Measuring cup
  • Mixing container (preferably a disposable)
  • Craft stick
  • Water
  • Paper clip
  • Carving tools
  • Sponge
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic paint in different colors
  • Glitter / Gemstones optional


Step 1:


Use a plastic Easter egg as a mold form.

Fancy Faces


Step 2:


Separate the parts of the egg form. Place the top into the bottom section to hold it. Spray a thin coat of vegetable oil inside the top of the egg form.

Fancy Faces


Step 3:


Measure out an amount of plaster based on the size of your egg form. The ideal ratio for an ArtPlaster™-towater mixture: 2 parts dry ArtPlaster™ powder to 1 part water.

Fancy Faces


Step 4:


With a craft stick, mix ArtPlaster with water in the mixing container. Slowly stir the ArtPlaster mixture until it reaches a uniform and smooth consistency. Stir it gently to avoid creating air bubbles in the plaster.

Fancy Faces


Step 5:


Slowly pour the smooth ArtPlaster into the egg form mold.

Fancy Faces


NOTE: Do not throw any leftover mixture into the drain, it will clog the pipes. Instead, let the mixture harden in the mixing container, then throw it into a trash can.


Step 6:

Air Bubbles

Gently tap the sides of the mold to release any air bubbles from the ArtPlaster.

Fancy Faces


Step 7:


Allow the ArtPlaster to set up. It typically takes 20 to 30 minutes for ArtPlaster to set. Some heat is given off from the plaster while it sets up.

Fancy Faces


When the ArtPlaster is still moist, but not fully set up, insert a paper clip into the top of the form to act as a hook for hanging on a wall.

Fancy Faces


Step 8:


Remove from the egg mold. You'll know when the ArtPlaster has set when it's rock solid and cool to the touch. Carefully remove from the mold.

Fancy Faces


Step 9:


Sketch out a face design onto the plaster egg in pencil.

Fancy Faces


Step 10:


Use a sharp carving tool to carve into the draw lines on the plaster surface.

Fancy Faces


Step 11:


Use a damp sponge to remove loose plaster from the egg form after carving.

Fancy Faces


Step 12:


Add desired colors to the face designs.

Fancy Faces


Step 13:


Add glitter or gemstones if desired.

Fancy Faces


Fancy Faces
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