DIY Boho Sand Vase

Project by Jennifer Perkins.

The boho look is so trendy right now, and ACTÍVA has the perfect project to get you the boho chic look in a DIY way!  Use Scenic Sand to create this colorful and fun vase!

Make a gorgeous boho chic vase with colored sand!  Get this fun sand project tutorial on <em>ACTÍVA</em>'s website.

Materials Needed to Create a DIY Boho Sand Vase

It only takes a few simple supplies to make a gorgeous boho chic vase with colored sand!

Instructions for Creating a DIY Boho Sand Vase
Step One:

Using a pencil, make even lines across the vase.

Step Two:

Fill the lines in with random designs using the pencil.

Turn a plain wood vase from the craft store into a gorgeous boho chic vase with colored sand!

Step Three:

One color at a time use either glue or paint to fill in a section. On a black vase glue can be used for darker sand. Glue will dry clear and make lighter shades of sand appear less vibrant on a dark background.

Step Four:

While the glue or paint is wet sprinkle on colored sand one section at a time. Shake off excess into a sheet of paper and return to bag.

Use colored sand to create a beautiful boho chic vase!

Step Five:

Continue step by step until each section is filled and your desired pattern is achieved.

Learn how to make a boho-chic vase with colored sand!  This tutorial will show you exactly how to make a sand vase and get this colorful, bohemian look!

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