Avocado Pinata Fun

Avocado Pinata Fun


Materials Needed:

  • ACTÍVA’s FastMache
  • Ballon
  • Small plastic cup
  • Water
  • Plastic bag
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Water bowl
  • Craft glue
  • Utility knife
  • Eye hook
  • Epoxy
  • String
  • Tissue paper
  • Sissors


Step 1:


Inflate a large ballon with air. Place the bottom of it in a small cup to help it balance on a table top.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 2:

Preparing ACTÍVA’ FastMache’

Measure out the desired amount of dry FastMache’ and place into a plastic bag. Add the recommended amount of warm water to the bag. Refer to the package directions.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 3:


Knead the FastMache’ mixture inside the plastic bag with your hands until it forms a pliable mixture.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 4:


Apply an even coat of FastMache’ on top of the armature ballon with your hands. Application will need to be completed in sections. Use the plastic cup to hold the ballon in place.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 5:


Allow the FastMache’ to dry. The drying time is dependent upon the weather, as well as the initial firmness of the FastMache’ and thickness of it. The piece is dry when it no longer feels cold to the touch.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 6:


Paint the form desired colors.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 7:


Cut a small square opening into the bottom of the sculpture with a utility knife.

Flower Crowns


Step 8:


Place desired amount of candy inside the form.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 9:


Cover the hole with the removed piece of FastMache’ and glue. Add a little extra glue around the edges of the plug.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 10:

Touch Up

Paint over the glue applied to the edges of the plug.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 11:


Attach an eye hook to the top of the sculpture by screwing it into place and reinforcing it with an epoxy strength glue. Attach a long piece of string through the eye hook.

Avocado Pinata Fun


Avocado Pinata Fun


Step 12:


Cut thin strips of tissue paper. Fringe the edges with a pair of scissors. Layer the tissue paper in rows starting at the bottom and working your way up the sculpture. Similar to shingles on top of a roof.

Avocado Pinata Fun

Avocado Pinata Fun


Avocado Pinata Fun
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