Air Dry Clay Trinket Dishes

Supplies Needed for this Air Dry Clay Trinket Dish

How to Make Air Dry Clay Trinket Dishes

Begin by rolling out the Activ-Clay on the Clay Roller Kit table.Set the measuring levelers on the side to 1/4” to obtain a thick enough slab of clay.

Next gently press one of the Activ-Tools: Designer Texture Sheets onto the clay. Roll the Clay Roller Kit roller over the Designer Texture Sheet.

Carefully lift the Designer Texture Sheet from the clay to reveal the beautiful pattern.

Use any large cookie cutter that you like to cut out a shape for your dish.

Carefully remove the shape from the slab.

Flip the shape over, and drape it onto a convex form such as an egg shaped dish.

Etch three hash marks into the clay shape using the pointed tool in the Activ-Tools: Clay Tools Set. Doing this will allow the clay pieces to stick together nicely when you attach them together.

Roll three small pea sized spheres of clay for the feet of the dish. Attach them to the bottom of the large shape where the hashmarks are. Use a small about of clay mixed together with water to make slip (a type of clay glue) when you attach them. Gently press the spheres down with your finger tip.

Allow the clay to dry and stiffen up for a few hours. Then flip over the convex mold you draped the shape over and separate the two.

Use your finger tip and a small amount of water to smooth out any rough edges around the outer rim of the shape.

Allow the clay dish to dry for 24 hours. Then paint your dish any color you wish. You can add in a little glitter to give it some sparkle. Use matte finish - Mod Podge sealant to seal in your paint and give your dish an all over smooth finish.

These dishes make great Mother’s Day gifts!

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