Hearty Clay Vintage Heart

Hearty Clay Vintage HeartHearty Clay vintage_pin


  • White Hearty Clay
  • Clay roller
  • Heart clay cutters
  • Clay scissors
  • Walnut ink
  • Rubber stamps or stamp mat
  • Black Sharpie pen or word rubber stamp
  • Permanent ink pad


  1. Roll white Hearty Clay to 1/16" thickness on clay roll
  2. Place stamp mat on clay and roll across it
  3. Lift stamp mat, cut heart with small clay cutter
  4. If using a word rubber stamp, stamp now.
  5. Let air dry (less than 24 hours, turn while drying)
  6. Brush with walnut ink or cold coffee. Let dry
  7. If you want to hang this from your scrapbooking page... be sure you put a hole in your clay piece in step 3
  8. Using Sharpie pen to write word... if you have not stamped into heart.
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