Trees and Swirls Ornaments

Trees and Swirls Ornamentchristmas_ornament

Designer: Carolyn Stearns


  • 1 Large Glass Ball ornament
  • 1-1 lb pkg Green ACTIV-Clay
  • 1-1 lb pkg White ACTIV-Clay
  • DecoArt Dazzling Metallics: Purple Pearl, Glorious Gold, Green Pearl
  • Beacon Glass, Metal and More Glue
  • Mark Extra Fine Crystal Glitter
  • Mark Fine Purple Glitter
  • Elmer’s Spray Adhesive
  • Fiskars® Texture Plates ll Assortment Pack
  • Grass Pattern Plate
  • Toner Plastics, Inc. Fun Wire
  • 18 gauge Icy Grape Soda wire
  • Misc. supplies: Scissors, 3/4” purple ribbon, Small paint brush, Rolling Pin
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Water Basin
  • Sparkle Glitter Glaze
  • Small Christmas Tree cookie cutter


1. Take hanger out of the ornament, spray the inside with spray adhesive, mix crystal and purple half and half in a small bowl, pour glitter into the ornament, shake around until the ball is completely coated, and pour out excess glitter. Return hanger to the ornament.

2. Cut a piece of fun wire 8” long, attach to ornament hanger, bend as shown in pattern.

3. Cover your work area with plastic wrap.

4. Roll out the green clay to ¼” thickness. Lay grass texture plate on the clay and roll over creating a pattern in the clay. Cut out 8 Christmas trees, stick then to the ornament. Roll 1/8” snakes, curl into flat spirals, stick to the ornament.

5. Set aside to dry. As the clay dries the pieces will fall off the ornament, once they do clean the ornament then reapply to pieces using the glass glue.

6. Paint the swirls; Glorious Gold and Purple Pearl, dry brush the trees with Green Pearl.

7. Hang in a safe place to dry.

8. Tie a purple ribbon around ornament hanger.

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Activa Products


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