Down in the Desert Sand Art Terrarium

colored decorative sand terrarium project

Create a fun Sand Art Terrarium with plants and creatures that will last forever!


colored sand for a terrarium tutorial


3 to 4 bags of Decor Sand in desired colors

Large fish bowl
Plastic animals
Plastic plants
Rocks or twigs

Pour a layer of Decor Sand into the fish bowl.


orange decorative colored sand

 Gently, tap the bowl down on the table top to level out the sand.

decor sand different colors

 Repeat the first two steps for each color/layer of sand.

colored sand in bowl for terrarium

Set the plants into place, followed by rocks, gems and creatures.
plant type for sand terrarium
place plant into decorative sand terrarium
put objects into a colored sand terrarium tutorial
place gems stones into sand terrarium
how to make a sand art terrarium
side view of the sand terrarium
Place under a black light to create an extra magical effect! 
make a terrarium for kids with colored sand
Designed by Candie Cooper

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