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Get 10% off with coupon code BACK2SCHOOL during our Back to School sale!

Polymer Clay Mexican Inspired Pottery ~ Designed by Candie Cooper

Mexican Inspired Pottery with Hearty Clay

    Polymer Clay Project


ACTÍVA Hearty Polymer Clay

Rolling pin

Plastic knife

Circle template

Plastic wrap

Paper bowl

Cool temp glue

Wooden beads

Terra cotta colored acrylic paint

Turquoise colored acrylic paint

Clear acrylic brush on varnish

Brown colored acrylic paint

Clear gloss acrylic spray



Roll the clay out onto plastic wrap (or I’ve used wax paper) so it’s approximately 6” round and 1/8 to ¼” thick.

                                       Hearty Clay

Cut into a circle shape. Wet your finger with water and rub over the edge to smooth out.

 Soft polymer clay        Polymer Clay Project

Lay into a bowl and leave to dry. After a half day or so, flip the bowl over so the back can dry out as well. The bowl should be pretty firm before pulling it from the bowl mold.

                                   polymer air dry clay

With the extra clay, roll out coils and petals and press into the center of the bowl to create a surface decoration. It helps to add a dab of water to the back of each piece before pressing it into place.

 working with polymer clay       polymer clay dish

You can use tools to add texture to the bowl and decorative pieces. A plastic butter knife works great!


self hardening clay project        air drying polymer clay

                                 self hardening polymer clay

 Once the bowl is dry, glue three wood pieces for the feet.

  Paint the entire bowl with terracotta paint.

  Optionally, you can sponge on turquoise paint around the outside.

        painting polymer clay       sealing polymer clay


Make an antiquing varnish by placing 2 tablespoons of brush on varnish with a dash of brown paint. Brush over the bowl. This will highlight the texture.

 You can leave as is or give it one more quote of spray varnish to make it extra shiny!


Extra supply sources:

Folk Art paint in terra cotta, brown and turquoise colors from Plaid

Clear gloss acrylic spray from Krylon

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