Activ-Clay Leaf Tile or Palm Tree Tile ~ Designed by Carolyn Stearns

Activ-Clay Air Dry Clay Leaf Tile or Palm Tree Tile


One package ACTÍVA White Activ-Clay
Leaf Stamp or Palm Tree stamp
Leaf Stamp:
Acrylic Paint:
Metallic Gold
Palm Tree:
Delta Paint Jewels:
Jade Green
Emerald Green
Smoky Brown Quartz
Golden Topaz
Acrylic Paint:

1. Cover work area with plastic wrap.
2. Follow inst on pkg. Roll clay out with a rolling pin to ¼” thick. Stamp the leaf or
palm tree into the clay them cut out around the design.
3. Set aside to dry.
1. Thin the paint half and half with water and paint the leaf some areas yellow some
orange, let dry.
2. Thin the gold paint half and half with water, paint all over the background and the
leaf wipe off with a paper towel.
3. Glue a piece of gold cord, ribbon or wire to the back.

Palm Tree:
1. Thin the blue paint half and half with water, paint all over the piece, wipe off with
paper towel, go over some of the areas again this will give the back ground some
2. Fill in the stamped area with the jewel paints, swirl the paint around with a tooth
pick. If you get air bubbles in the paint pop with a straight pin. Set aside to dry.
3. Glue a piece of cord, ribbon, wire or hemp to the back.

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