Heart Shaped Bird Bath - New Air Dry Clay Project Idea using PLUS Clay

We have just added a new project idea using Plus air dry clay. This beautiful Heart Shaped Bird Bath Project 
looks so sweet and is useful too! How to make an adorable bird bath to hold your rings or small keepsakes by using PLUS air dry clay.
Air dry clay bird bath project
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Customer Creates Sand Bowl Inspiration for Centerpieces


We love to share what ACTÍVA Products can be used for and these inspired Super Bowls are a perfect example. By Using Scenic Sand or Decor Sand you too can make a personalized centerpiece for any occasion. With graduation and wedding parties to host at this time of year having a wonderful centerpiece doesn't need to be difficult. Simply layer the sand into a glass bowl and then add small meaningful items, plants, flowers, shells or jewels to create your amazing centerpiece.

Thank you so much sharing - The Super Bowls were done for Post No Bills VIP parties for ESPN at the Super Bowl.

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New Hands on Crafts for Kids Video

Let’s play some games with great crafts we make with our family. Episode 1703 of Hands On Crafts for Kids is airing on the Hands On Crafts for Kids website.

1703 Let’s Play a Game

Whether indoors or out, games are fun! Bowl at home with family and friends with a colorful bowling set Katie makes from recycled water bottles.  Franz shows how to create your own game board using a variety of art mediums. Jenny and Katie make an indoor hopscotch court that rolls-up, for easy storage.  Braid a ring toss toy then use the Family Craft box to make a treasure hunt jar for quiet fun.


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Colored Clay Videos using Colorplus Clay have just been added

Colored Clay - Color plus colored air dry clay is a self hardening clay and available in 6 bright and natural colors. The Colored clay can be mixed together to create the color of clay you wish and best of all no painting is required. See the colored clay videos in our videos section.

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Activ Clay Nature Journal Project Video has been added

A new Activ Clay air dry clay project video of how to make an Nature Journal added.
This lovely craft project was made by Hands on Crafts for Kids episode 1711/03
Air drying clay craft project for kids
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CelluClay Project to make a Paper Mache Pinata Bowl

CelluClay Paper Mache Pinata

A new video has just been add - How to make a Paper Mache Pinata Bowl using CelluClay. The project was made by Hands on Crafts for Kids episode 1705/03




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Air Dry Clay - Make a Lizard Video

A new air dry clay video has just been added and it shows you how to make
a clay lizard using Activ Clay. This instructive video was made by Hands on
Crafts for kids and was shown in episode 1702/4.


clay lizard using Activ air dry Clay

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New Air Dry Clay Project Idea - Clay Stamp

Stampin’ in Style

Make an impressive one of a kind clay stamp by using PLUS air dry clay. Click on the clay stamp link or visit
or projects page


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Air Dry Clay Mask - Using PLUS Clay

Mask Mania! - A new air dry clay project
For full details of how to make this fantastic please see our projects section for this decorative
Masks have been around for thousands of years and they are used for many purposes. Now you can create your own mask using PLUS air dry clay!




 Air dry clay Mask


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NAMTA 15 - 17 April 2015

We will be present at booth number 542 at NAMTA - International Art Materials Trade Association which will be taking place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver Colorado from 15 -17 April. We look forward to seeing you
there. For further information visit http://www.namta.org
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Join Us On Friday 27th March For Hands on Crafts For Kids Show episode 1711

ACTÍVA Activ Clay was used as Jenny creates a nature journal.

Let’s step outside into the wide open spaces – on land or sea or in the sky - for great craft ideas.  Beginning at noon on Friday, March 27, 2015, episode 1711 of Hands On Crafts for Kids will run on the Hands On Crafts for Kids website.



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New CelluClay Project Idea

New CelluClay Project Idea

A new CelluClay Project idea has been added and if you would like to find out how to make this bright and colorful paper mache bird please visit our projects page.

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