Lumina Air Dry Clay Mardi Gras Jewelry

Mardi Gras is such a fun time and to celebrate we have a wonderful Air dry clay

tutorial for you to make your own colorful jewelry. Visit our projects page to find

out more!

madi gras beads air drying clay clay tutorial

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Activ Air Dry Clay Mandala Project

Learn how to make some Air Dry Clay Mandalas with Activ Clay. This self hardening clay is easy to work with and air dries in around 24 hours. This step by step craft tutorial show you how to make these beautiful Mandalas and you can personalize it selecting your preferred paint and yarn colors.

self hardening clay mandala

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A Colored Clay Project Idea Using ColorPlus Air Drying Clay

Create these one of a kind feathered friends by using Color Plus air dry clay. No need for a kiln as they dry to an extremely durable finish. No paint is needed as the clay is colored!To find out more about how to make this Colored Clay project visit our craft projects page.

Colored Clay
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