How to make air dry clay tiles and a bird pendant

Two new video tutorials have been added to our craft tutorial video page.

The first video shows you how to make a bird pendant with Plus air dry clay.

clay bird pendant tutorial

The second video shows the basic techniques you can use to make clay tiles.

Either La Doll or Plus air drying clay are suitable for this project.

diy clay tiles video tutorial

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Make a Leaf Imprinted Air Dry Clay Bowl

Summer is here and the plants are taking over! You can use all those spare

leaves to create a leaf imprinted bowl of your choice. This quick and easy

project used an elephants ear leaf and some Plus air drying clay.

air dry bowl project idea with plus air dry clay

Select the leaf of your choice looking for the size and shape you prefer.

Roll out some Plus Air dry clay to around 1/4 of an inch thick and place

the leaf on top. Roll your clay roller or rolling pin over the top of the leaf

so that the leaf imprints onto the clay.

use a leaf to imprint clay to make a bowl

Cut around the imprinted clay to obtain your desired bowl shape

and size.

make a clay bowl with <em><em>ACTÍVA</em></em> air drying clay

Either with your fingers or a tool smooth around  the edges

with some water. Place the clay into a bowl to get a curved


air dry clay project for adults

Cookie cut out a heart or other shape for added decoration if

you wish.

Leave to dry completely. Sand around the edges if required.

Paint you bowl with your choice of paint and finishes.

leaf impressed air drying clay bowl idea

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Make A Pokemon To Go

Make A Pokemon To Go

It's so easy to sculpt your very own Pokemon to Go!!

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Black Plus Clay Winter Wonderland Ornaments Designed by Stephanie & Gabby Siatta

These beautiful Winter Wonderland Christmas ornaments are perfect to give as gifts,

use as gift tags or to decorate your own tree. This air dry clay tutorial is easy to follow

and the clay makes an amazing compliment to the decorative charms.

plus clay black decoration    gift idea craft project

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Plus Air Dry Clay Porcupine Project




Learn how to make this Air Dry Clay Porcupine on our Projects page. A fun art project for educators to introduce the porcupine to students while still having a functional purpose! This cute little Porcupine would also look good taking center stage on a table at a party.

Air dry clay idea 


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D.I.Y. Wedding Favor Medallions

D.I.Y. Wedding Favors

D.I.Y. Wedding favors learn how to make these beautiful original wedding favors. Personalize them to match you wedding color theme and use them for gifts, decorations or center pieces.


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The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Uses Plus Air Dry Clay

Plus air dry clay used for workshop The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston used Plus Air Dry Clay to replicate 19th century pottery in a series of workshops in August 2015. The class rooms were large and seated as many as 55 participants. Each workshop was 30 minutes long, and with 4 workshops each day, gave a grand total of 600 participants over 3 event days.

 Joey Milillo, programs manager, stated;

"We were using the ACTÍVA PLUS CLAY to make a project based on Bayou Bend’s collection of Texas air drying clay used by museum stoneware.  Our teaching artist taught participants how to replicate the 19th century jugs, pots, pitchers, urns, and churns. Since we do not have a kiln at Bayou Bend, an air-dry clay was essential to our task, and in my experience, ACTÍVA produces the best air-dry clay I’ve been able to find." 

  "I first encountered this clay at our local Texas Art Supply store in Houston, but they didn’t have quite enough in stock for what we planned to do this summer. Imagine my delight when I found out I could order it directly ACTÍVA Products!

 For further information visit The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Bayou Bend

Texas Clay: 19th-Century Pottery from the Bayou Bend Collection Exhibition runs from Sep 5, 2015 - Nov 1, 2015 so you still have plenty of time to visit.









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New - Air Dry Clay Boho Dish Project using Plus Clay

A new Air Dry Clay Project has been added to our Craft Projects page. This amazing project shows you how to make these beautiful, original Boho Pottery dishes using PLUS air dry clay in black.


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New Air Dry Clay Necklace Project has just been added

A new air dry clay project idea has just been added to our craft projects page. Why not give it a go!

Make an Inlaid Clay Necklace with Color Plus Clay

Create a one of a kind necklace pendant with matching

beads by using Color Plus clay.

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Heart Shaped Bird Bath - New Air Dry Clay Project Idea using PLUS Clay

We have just added a new project idea using Plus air dry clay. This beautiful Heart Shaped Bird Bath Project 
looks so sweet and is useful too! How to make an adorable bird bath to hold your rings or small keepsakes by using PLUS air dry clay.
Air dry clay bird bath project
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