New Product!  Peel & Stick Sand Art Kit

New Product! Peel & Stick Sand Art Kit

ACTÍVA is excited to unveil its newest product - the "no mess" Geometric Shapes Sand Art Kit!  Peel, pour, and press your way to a work of art with this great new product!  Simply remove the layers from the die cut shape, pour colored sand onto the exposed area, and press into place.  Our "no mess" tray catches the excess sand, making clean up a snap!

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Glow in the Dark Terrarium

This glow in the dark Terrarium is perfect for a child's bedroom.  But you can make a very different Terrarium with changing the colors of sand and the objects you put inside your Terrarium to co-ordinate it with any room or theme. Learn how to make it on our Craft Projects page.

sand art terrarium

how to make a terrarium with sand and plants

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3 Fantastic Tutorials from the designers at Guide Central

We have partnered with Guide Central this month to see what kind of projects

they would make using our products and we love what they have created.

The projects include re usable gift tags using PLUS clay, decorative colored

sand ornaments and sweet little ginger bread men jewelry. All 3 projects have

just been added to our craft projects page.

gift tag made from self hardening clay  colored sand xmas ornament   ginger bread man necklace


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Holiday Season Craft Project Ideas

Three wonderful holiday craft project ideas have just been added to our Projects page. A Holly wreath made with Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth and two Decorative Sand ornaments!


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Colored Sand Hide and Seek Party Game Project for Kids

A cute little hide and seek party game project especially for toddlers and younger children.

Hide objects in the colored sand and let them find them! An easy to make fun project with colored sand

colored sand for kids    colored play sand    safe colored sand

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Sisters Symbolic Sand Art


Three sisters from Indiana intentionally came together to create unique sandscapes using colored sand from ACTÍVA.

After suffering much loss the sisters decided to create a meaningful memory. Each sister selected a uniquely shaped vase, but used the same colors of sand to create personal sand art. Each vase will be placed conspicuously in their homes as a reminder of each other and how blessed they are. Eventually all three vases will sit side-by-side as a representation of each sister. 

colored sand art  Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful sand art.


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Colored Sand ~ Magical Message in a Bottle Project

Sand Art is so popular at the moment and this creative project gives a fun twist to both sand art and a message in a bottle. A new way to send out an invitation to a party! To find out how to make this colored sand art project visit our crafts project page.

colored sand art colored sand

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<em><em>ACTÍVA</em></em> Give away

A chance to win some ACTÍVA goodies!

The Giveaway Contains:

1 x 10 pack of 1oz Assorted Colored Sand
1 X 1.75oz Hearty Clay in White
1 x 1 lb Box of White CelluClay
1 x  4" x 180" Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth

To Enter simply click on the link below


     Good Luck!!


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Colored Sand Art Halloween Candle Project

A quick and easy Halloween Craft Project using Decor Sand and a few accessories. Sand art in a Halloween themed project! To find out how to make this Halloween themed project please see out craft projects page.

    colored sand art

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A Video of how to make Dinosaur Fossils from Hands On Crafts for Kids

Plaster Cloth and Colored Sand

  A video has just been added

   to our Video Section and it shows

   you how to make this easy kids Craft project.

  The project teaches you how to make

   wonderful Dinosaur fossils and uses

   ACTÍVA Art Plaster, Plaster Cloth Wrap

   and Colored Sand.

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Hands on Crafts for Kids Episode 1702 is now showing

Colored Sand OwlACTÍVA Products Colored Sand and Activ Air Dry Clay is featured on the show. From land and sea and sky, it’s fun to recreate our favorite creatures – or make up new ones! Join the creepy, crawly and feathered fun on Friday, July 24, 2015, starting at noon with episode 1702 of Hands On Crafts for Kids on the Hands On Crafts for Kids website.  It will run for 7 days.

1702 Critters and Creatures

Inspiration comes from animals and creatures – real and imaginary. Katie makes a 3-D owl with textured wings makes a great decoration for any room. Franz and Katie make creature creation a team sport by drawing three-part fantasy animals together. Jenny looks to the sea to find inspiration for a jelly-fish made from re-cycled materials then Katie creates a glittery clay lizard textured with found items. From the Family Craft box make a pair of bear claw slippers made from tissue boxes.

Air Dry Clay Lizard


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Hands On Crafts For Kids Episode 1713 is now Available

Half the fun of making crafts is wearing and using them!  Get some great idea for useful crafts on Hands On Colored Sand Project for KidsCrafts for Kids episode 1713. It airs on the Hands On Crafts for Kids website starting at noon on Friday, July 10, 2015 and runs for 7 days.

1713 Use It

Use what you make and get double fun from your crafts.  Weave hip survival bracelets with some tips from Katie. Franz uses everyday objects to make a robot storage container. Blogger Rachel Howard and her kids make a miniature construction site for toy earth-moving equipment! Use items from the Family Craft Box and recycle old road maps to craft a travel case full of learning games and activities – and treats, too!


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