Get 10% off with coupon code BACK2SCHOOL during our Back to School sale!
Get 10% off with coupon code BACK2SCHOOL during our Back to School sale!
Color Plus Clay Receives Rave Reviews from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Color Plus Clay Receives Rave Reviews from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

ACTÍVA is excited to announce that Color Plus Clay, a colored air dry clay that achieves the strength of ceramics that have been fired, has been featured in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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Joan Miro Abstract Sculpture Lesson Plan

A new lesson plan has just been added! Teach your students hand building sculpting techniques in the style of Joan Miro. Miro had such a unique style that your budding artists will enjoy this creative freedom. This lesson plan is suitable for grades 5 -12 and uses Plus air dry clay.

art lesson plan free

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5 Easy To Make Air Dry Clay Projects

Air dry clay can be used to make so many different types of craft projects.

Here are 5 quick and easy to make projects for you to try!

air dry clay projects for adults to do

1. Boho Pottery with black plus clay

black air dry clay pottery project

2. Indoor Herb Garden Pendants

air dry clay pendants

3. Air dry clay flowers

air dry clay flowers

4. Mexican inspired dish using Hearty Clay

hearty clay project dish

5. Unique stamps for stamping your air dry clay

how to make air dry clay stamps

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Hearty Clay Marshmallows Video Tutorial

Hearty clay project tutorial marshmallows

 Hearty clay is used in this video by @andisacharms to make marshmallows

with hearty air dry clay. Hearty has a soft, pliable, lightweight marshmallow texture

and is wonderful for making fun miniatures. Acrylic paint can be added to the clay

prior to it hardening so you add any color you like. Hearty clay is also suitable for

molds. Learn how to make air dry clay marshmallows.

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Activ Air Dry Clay Mandala Project

Learn how to make some Air Dry Clay Mandalas with Activ Clay. This self hardening clay is easy to work with and air dries in around 24 hours. This step by step craft tutorial show you how to make these beautiful Mandalas and you can personalize it selecting your preferred paint and yarn colors.

self hardening clay mandala

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3 Fantastic Tutorials from the designers at Guide Central

We have partnered with Guide Central this month to see what kind of projects

they would make using our products and we love what they have created.

The projects include re usable gift tags using PLUS clay, decorative colored

sand ornaments and sweet little ginger bread men jewelry. All 3 projects have

just been added to our craft projects page.

gift tag made from self hardening clay  colored sand xmas ornament   ginger bread man necklace


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Black Plus Clay Winter Wonderland Ornaments Designed by Stephanie & Gabby Siatta

These beautiful Winter Wonderland Christmas ornaments are perfect to give as gifts,

use as gift tags or to decorate your own tree. This air dry clay tutorial is easy to follow

and the clay makes an amazing compliment to the decorative charms.

plus clay black decoration    gift idea craft project

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Premier Polymer Air Dry Clay ~ Jessica Madaglia's Bright Spirits Ornaments

We are partnering with Altered Pages this month and the team of designers have been busy making some fantastic projects with our very own ACTÍVA Products.

Jessica's project gives step by step instructions to make a cute Christmas ornament made with Premier Polymer Clay which air drys.

xmas craft tutorial

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Miniaturedaisies Makes some Sweet Miniature Cakes

Miniaturedaisies has been busy with our Air drying Clay! These amazing creations were made

using Hearty Clay and Plus Clay. Well done Miniaturedaisies! 



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Thanksgiving Craft Projects

     thanksgiving craft project idea with air dry clay

With Thanksgiving just around the corner this is the perfect time to begin making those special table decorations. We have a couple of projects out for you to try. Each project can be individualized to your own taste and with the step by step instructions they are easy to follow.

Please visit our craft projects page to find out more.

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Halloween Craft Projects

We have several Halloween Craft Projects that you still have time to make. Click on the picture to link to the Halloween craft tutorial!

celluclay    halloween craft projecthearty clay    celluclay pumpkin

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Paintbruch Character an Activ Clay Project

air dry clay project

We have just added a new air dry clay project to our craft projects page. This unusual project uses Activ Clay which self hardens. Recycle an old paintbrush and make yourself a character!

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DIY Wedding Cake Table Sign using Hearty Air Dry Clay

D.I.Y. Wedding non floral centerpiece     diy wedding craft project using air dry clay

     This DIY wedding centerpiece project  is  just so quick and easy to make. Hearty Clay in White is perfect for this project – it’s bright white and super smooth so it looks just like cake fondant when dry. You can even individualize the cakes so they are different for each table! Find out more on our Crafts Projects page.

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Plus Air Dry Clay Porcupine Project




Learn how to make this Air Dry Clay Porcupine on our Projects page. A fun art project for educators to introduce the porcupine to students while still having a functional purpose! This cute little Porcupine would also look good taking center stage on a table at a party.

Air dry clay idea 


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ACTÍVA Products GIVEAWAY ~ We Have a Winner!!

Congratulations to Sabina F, from California, who won the giveaway. We hope that you enjoy all of your ACTÍVA Products!

<em><em>ACTÍVA</em></em> products craft supplies

The Giveaway Contains:

1 x 10 pack of 1oz Assorted Colored Sand
1 X 1.75oz Hearty Clay in White
1 x 1 lb Box of White CelluClay
1 x  4" x 180" Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth

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D.I.Y. Wedding Favor Medallions

D.I.Y. Wedding Favors

D.I.Y. Wedding favors learn how to make these beautiful original wedding favors. Personalize them to match you wedding color theme and use them for gifts, decorations or center pieces.


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The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Uses Plus Air Dry Clay

Plus air dry clay used for workshop The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston used Plus Air Dry Clay to replicate 19th century pottery in a series of workshops in August 2015. The class rooms were large and seated as many as 55 participants. Each workshop was 30 minutes long, and with 4 workshops each day, gave a grand total of 600 participants over 3 event days.

 Joey Milillo, programs manager, stated;

"We were using the ACTÍVA PLUS CLAY to make a project based on Bayou Bend’s collection of Texas air drying clay used by museum stoneware.  Our teaching artist taught participants how to replicate the 19th century jugs, pots, pitchers, urns, and churns. Since we do not have a kiln at Bayou Bend, an air-dry clay was essential to our task, and in my experience, ACTÍVA produces the best air-dry clay I’ve been able to find." 

  "I first encountered this clay at our local Texas Art Supply store in Houston, but they didn’t have quite enough in stock for what we planned to do this summer. Imagine my delight when I found out I could order it directly ACTÍVA Products!

 For further information visit The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Bayou Bend

Texas Clay: 19th-Century Pottery from the Bayou Bend Collection Exhibition runs from Sep 5, 2015 - Nov 1, 2015 so you still have plenty of time to visit.









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Polymer Clay Mexican Inspired Pottery Project

A Polymer Clay project using Hearty Clay has just been added to our Craft Projects page. This beautiful and easy to make polymer clay made project is easily personalized to suit your taste.

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New - Air Dry Clay Boho Dish Project using Plus Clay

A new Air Dry Clay Project has been added to our Craft Projects page. This amazing project shows you how to make these beautiful, original Boho Pottery dishes using PLUS air dry clay in black.


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CelluClay Project Featured on Craft Gossip Indie Crafts

Cellclay paper mache projectIndie Crafts is all about things that are cool and hip and thanks to Lisa Fulmer and her CelluClay Surfboard Treasure box creation the project has been shared on Crafts Gossip.

If you missed this wonderful summer project then visit our Craft projects page or pop over to Craft Gossip to find out how to make this cool project.


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A Colored Clay Project Idea Using ColorPlus Air Drying Clay

Create these one of a kind feathered friends by using Color Plus air dry clay. No need for a kiln as they dry to an extremely durable finish. No paint is needed as the clay is colored!To find out more about how to make this Colored Clay project visit our craft projects page.

Colored Clay
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Air Dry Clay Surfboard Trophy - Designed by Lisa Fulmer

We have just added a vibrant new air dry clay project to our craft projects page.
This cool surfboard was designed by Lisa Fulmer using Plus Air Dry Clay.
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Kids Summer Crafts on Hands on Crafts for Kids

Let’s step outside into the wide open spaces – on land or sea or in the sky - for great craft ideas.  Beginning at noon on Friday, June 26, 2015, episode 1711 of Hands On Crafts for Kids will run on the Hands On Crafts for Kids website. It will run for 7 days.
ACTIV  Air Dry Clay was used as Jenny creates a nature journal.


1711 Discover the World

Let’s discover the world we live in and beyond.  Katie and Jennie create a 3-D pop-up map of the planets together, and Franz explores the artistic use of dimension and space.  Gather leaves, sticks and stones and then Jenny shows how to create a nature journal.  She and Katie use water and paint to create a new fish species in silhouette.  Katie blasts off with a jet pack made from recycled bottles and supplies from the Family Craft Box.



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New Air Dry Clay Necklace Project has just been added

A new air dry clay project idea has just been added to our craft projects page. Why not give it a go!

Make an Inlaid Clay Necklace with Color Plus Clay

Create a one of a kind necklace pendant with matching

beads by using Color Plus clay.

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