Make A Pokemon To Go

pikachu craft project

It's so easy to a make your favorite Pokemon to take with you when you are

on the go! Plus air dry clay is excellent to use for sculpting Pikachu and all of them!

Simply choose which on you wish too design and with slightly damp hands

begin rolling out little balls of clay. Get the head and body shape desired by

gently sculpting the clay in to shape. Add the little arms, feet and any details

and adhere the clay together with a little water and pressing the pieces together.

Once you have the overall shape of your Pokemon, place it outside in the sun to dry.

how to make a pikachu  make a pokemon with clay

If you wish to add some string or chain to your Pokemon then you can make

a hole in the top center of the head and then in the back which join together.

Make the hole large enough for the material you wish to use.

Once Pikachu is dry you can then sand the clay a little to get a more even finish.

Paint your Pokemon with the appropriate color and let this dry.

how to make pikachu with air dry clay

Once your Pokemon is dry you can then add it's distinctive features.

how to make a pokemon clay figure

Now you have a buddy to take with you - Gotta catch them all!!

pokemon go craft project

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