Make a Leaf Imprinted Air Dry Clay Bowl

Summer is here and the plants are taking over! You can use all those spare

leaves to create a leaf imprinted bowl of your choice. This quick and easy

project used an elephants ear leaf and some Plus air drying clay.

air dry bowl project idea with plus air dry clay

Select the leaf of your choice looking for the size and shape you prefer.

Roll out some Plus Air dry clay to around 1/4 of an inch thick and place

the leaf on top. Roll your clay roller or rolling pin over the top of the leaf

so that the leaf imprints onto the clay.

use a leaf to imprint clay to make a bowl

Cut around the imprinted clay to obtain your desired bowl shape

and size.

make a clay bowl with <em>ACTÍVA</em> air drying clay

Either with your fingers or a tool smooth around  the edges

with some water. Place the clay into a bowl to get a curved


air dry clay project for adults

Cookie cut out a heart or other shape for added decoration if

you wish.

Leave to dry completely. Sand around the edges if required.

Paint you bowl with your choice of paint and finishes.

leaf impressed air drying clay bowl idea

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