ACTÍVA's 2018 Art Teacher Mystery Box Contest

Because we love how art teachers use our products so creatively to inspire their students, we're giving a group of our favorite art teachers the chance to win up to $250 in ACTÍVA Products materials for their classrooms by participating in our second annual Art Teacher Mystery Box Contest!  

We sent four art teachers a box filled with InstaMold temporary mold-making compound, PermaStone casting compound, Rigid Wrap plaster cloth, and a multi-pack of Scenic Sand colored sand. Each teacher was given directions to use at least three of these ACTÍVA Products materials in the creation of a unique lesson plan for the art room.

The teachers' submissions have exceeded our expectations! Preview each of their projects below, and click to learn more about each teacher and to see her full lesson plan. Once you've looked at all of them, vote for your favorite project below!  Voting runs from April 27, 2018 - May 11, 2018. The first place winner will receive $250 of ACTÍVA Products materials, and the second place winner will receive $150 of ACTÍVA Products materials. Good luck to all!

Vote for your favorite art teacher lesson plan in the 2018 Art Teacher Mystery Box Contest, sponsored by <em>ACTÍVA</em> Products!

Entry 1: Under the Sea 3D Painting by Amanda Fleischbein

Teacher Amanda Fleischbein created this 3D Under the Sea painting with InstaMold, PermaStone, and Rigid Wrap from <em>ACTÍVA</em> Products.

Amanda Fleischbein is the (very) proud art teacher at the Academy Prep Center of Tampa.  For Amanda's lesson plan, she used InstaMold and a rubber Gyotaku fish to create a fish mold, and then cast it with PermaStone.  She also used Rigid Wrap to create seaweed and coral reef.

See Amanda's complete lesson plan, project steps, and photos by clicking here.

Entry 2: Colorful Canned Mushrooms by Nichole Hahn

Get this colorful canned mushroom lesson plan.

Nichole Hahn is a K-8 art teacher in Minnesota.  For Nichole's lesson plan, she created a mushroom shape with Activ-Clay, and then molded it in InstaMold, casting multiple versions of it with PermaStone.  She then created their colorful, textured appearance with Scenic Sand.

See Nichole's complete lesson plan, project steps, and photos by clicking here.

Entry No. 3: 3D Topographical Mapping by Polly Blair

Polly Blair is an elementary visual arts teacher in Overland Park, Kansas.  Her school was recently built, and she used the topographical map from its new location to create an informative and engaging 3D topographical map with Activ-Clay, InstaMold, PermaStone, and Scenic Sand to help show students just where they are! 

See Polly's complete lesson plan, project steps, and photos by clicking here

Entry No. 4: Imagine Dragons Sculpture by Breanne Rothwell

Breanne Rothwell has been teaching elementary art for 16 years. Every year she chooses a theme for the year to keeps things interesting for both the students and herself. She enjoys the research involved in making her lessons relevant and exciting.  For Breanne's lesson plan, she used Rigid Wrap and Scenic Sand to create an exciting dragon sculpture, and casted the dragon's message to "be kind" with PermaStone.

See Breanne's complete lesson plan, project steps, and photos by clicking here.


Voting has closed and winners will be announced on May 15!

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