ACTÍVA Teams Up with Cassie Stephens for LIVE Video Craft Classes!

ACTÍVA is excited to announce that it has teamed up with America's favorite art teacher, Cassie Stephens, for her Creating with Cassie arts and crafts classes on Facebook Live!  At 8:00 pm central every Wednesday in May, viewers will be able to create along with Cassie as she uses some of ACTÍVA's most popular products, including CelluClay, Rigid Wrap, and Activ Clay!  Join in for free on Cassie's Facebook page, and purchase discounted supplies for the classes right here!

These free online art classes are being taught by Cassie Stephens, America's favorite art teacher!  Learn how to create with air dry clay, CelluClay, and Rigid Wrap plaster cloth strips every Wednesday in May!

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