Make An Air Dry Clay Ring with Lumina Clay

lumina clay project

A new project has just been added to our craft tutorials projects page. This spring time nest ring project is made with Lumina air dry clay.

Lumina clay is a polymer resin clay that air dries in 24 hours (depending on the thickness of the piece and the humidity). The working time is relatively shorter as the clay begins to cure quickly making the clay ideal for the more advanced hobbyist and artists.  

Lumina’s greatest quality is its translucency and its flexible, plastic-like resin finish.  Lumina can be colored with acrylic or oil paints, watercolors or inks or colored Hearty Clay can be added to give it color and a foamier like consistency.

 This clay dries a slightly off-white color and has a porcelain like translucency. Once completely dry, the clay can be painted with acrylic or oil paints and even permanent markers will work. It is waterproof and maintains flexibility. There is minimal shrinkage.

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