Air Dry Clay and Earthenware Clay

Air dry clays are wonderful for making almost anything as they are extremely versatile. Our wide selection of air drying clays include:-

Activ Clay for fine detail, it can be carved and painted and is available in white and terracotta.

Hearty Clay is a lightweight air dry clay and is flexible enough for all craft and jewelery making projects.

Plus Clay is a natural air drying clay with a greater strength when dry. Plus clay is available in 3 colors white, black and terracotta and accepts most finishes.

Colored air dry clay in ColorPlus Clay offers 6 color options it is an air drying clay which hardens to a similar strength of kiln fired ceramics.

 La Doll Clay air dry clay is known as the doll making clay as it will hold fast to any basic material. La Doll can also be dissolved  and used as a final coating.

Premier Clay is a polymer clay which air drys to a strong finish and can be used for all clay making projects.

Lumina Clay air drys quickly, is a translucent clay perfect for work requiring the finest of detail. Paints may be added to Lumina when it is wet or dry.

Modena Soft Air Dry Clay is a soft, flexible lightweight clay which is waterproof and virtually unbreakable. Colors may be added to this air drying clay if required.

Blackjack clay is an earthenware clay that requires a kiln for drying. The clay is suitable for hand building, wheel throwing, sculpting and modeling.


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